About Curious Cubs

Curious Cubs City Child Care Centre, Hamilton is a privately owned and operated centre.  The owner Jenni Potter set up her first Centre in Hillcrest in 2013. The Hillcrest Curious Cubs Child Care Centre has created a fantastic family environment.

Curious Cubs places strong value on a family-like environment with family relationships being nurtured and respected.

The City Centre

The City Centre is licensed for 80 children in three classrooms. While separate areas are provided there will be many opportunities throughout the day for children of all ages to play and interact together. This means siblings can learn and grow together.

Curious Cubs is committed to providing high quality child care and education in a learning environment that stimulates and encourages children to investigate, nurturing their natural curiosity. This environment is aesthetically pleasing and inspires children’s learning investigations. Responsive and reciprocal relationships with children, parents and whanau are valued.

The open-plan layout outside will give the younger children so much learning and guidance from the older children. These types of relationships and learning are invaluable and will be encouraged and nurtured. Older children will have a specific time during the day to undertake focused activities with an emphasis on numeracy and literacy development.  We are a locally owned and operated Childcare Centre in Hamilton City centre.

Philosophy statement

"Curious Cubs is committed to providing high quality care and education in a learning environment that stimulates and provokes children to investigate, nurturing their natural curiosity"


An Environment
That is stimulating, provokes children to investigate nurturing their natural curiosity and encourages them to learn at their own level and pace.
Is aesthetically pleasing with a natural outdoor environment.

Opportunities for children to:
Develop their uniqueness, develop their confidence, show themselves as a learner as well as a teacher. Grow and learn in an environment where they feel valued.

Excellent adult to child ratios, meaningful interactions focusing on child led interests.

Cultural Heritage
We are committed to developing an understanding and respect of the cultural heritage of both partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We welcome and embrace all cultures that are in our centre and community.

Responsive and reciprocal relationships with children, parents and whanau.
The encouragement and nurturing of tuakana /teina relationships between the older and younger children.

Teachers as learners
We value reflective practice, creativity, supportive and respectful relationships. We are committed to ongoing professional development and recognising that we are learners too.