A message from Curious Cubs

We have experienced a lot of interest in our new Early Learning Centre in Tristram Street in Hamilton city. I am encouraged by the number of enquiries and enrolments we have received to date. Prior to our opening date on ther 16th of January 2017 we will be having two open days to showcase this exciting new facility, on 12th and 14th of January 2017.

We are experienced in the business of Early Learning; we have an established facility in Hillcrest. In expanding our business we identified there is a need for quality day care in the city precinct. We did not enter into this venture without undertaking extensive market research.

The inner city location meant there were a number of considerations we had to take into account in establishing the Centre, such as safety, security, traffic management, neighbouring properties and land use. We also took into account the amount of residential development being undertaken and planned in the city. Having carefully considered all these factors we decided that the Tristram Street location is ideal for a new Early Learning Centre and we have worked with the land owners to develop what we consider to be something special.

Recently there has been comment about a corrections facility being close by. Cities, by there very nature, are diverse environments. We were well aware of this new facility in London Street and factored it into our overall design, planning and security requirements.

The safety of our families and staff was a paramount concern through the entire design and build process. Our final design prioritises safe access, secure fencing, minimising sightlines into the facility from the street, and the ability to monitor movements around the Centre. Because of this, we sincerely believe that the Centre will provide the safest and most convenient childcare experience in Hamilton for all of our families and staff.

We really encourage you and your friends to come along to one of the open days and see for yourself this exciting new inner city Early Learning Centre.

If you have any queries about the new Tristram Street Early Learning Centre, I would be only too pleased to discuss them with you.


Jenni Potter
Centre Director
021 599 875