Its getting so close……

Wow the changes are coming thick and fast. Some rooms are finished and the outdoor area is developing really well. Our awesome Pohutukawa is thriving in her new sunny sheltered spot just waiting to be climbed and explored. View the photos here. here.

Our Gorgeous Tree!!

Finally the day has come when our beautiful Pohutakawa has arrived. So far so good with planting into her new home. When I took these the tree was still in the big digger claw. Awesome to see how perfect it looks. I’m glad we have a lovely space in our roof for her to grow… Read more »

Its all about the outdoors

OPEN DAYS JANUARY 12TH & 14TH. FIRST DAY OPEN JANUARY 16TH. Finally our outdoor area development has begun! The bike track, the cool sandpit surrounded by large rocks and the space for our tree, grass and deck. This is going to be incredible with so much possibility…. Check out the photos hereCheck out the photos… Read more »

Sparkly doors and windows

We now have doors and windows. Also the walls have gone up in between the children’s rooms so now the spaces are defined. They are all so different and seem like lovely spaces to be in. The sky light has been opened up ready for the tree to have some sunshine and rain pour in… Read more »

Awesome October!

Well the progress is happening and we are starting to look more like an ECE centre everyday! Enrolments are coming in and staff are being hired – give us a call if you would like further information. View the progress photos here

The walls come down!

As the walls come down we can see right through into the playspaces and then again through to the administration spaces. Such a lovely space is opening up and you can see where the Outdoor play space will be. Exciting! Click here to view the photos here to view the photos

Renovations begin!

The builders have been hard at work knocking out the interior walls. It’s great to see the progress being made and very exciting that we are on our way to a fantastic new centre. As you will see from the mock up photos we will have a large tree in our playground. Currently at our… Read more »